Make RxJS and Node dance - how reactive programming can help in asynchronous non blocking environments


Dealing with asynchronous non blocking processing has always been the norm in JavaScript and now is becoming popular in many other contexts. Bad luck: benefits, e.g. efficient use of resources, come at cost of increased complexity. Over time the community has found ways to address such complexity: we all started with ‘callbacks’, then came Promise, now async&await. Recently another kid has come to town, ReactiveX/RxJS. In this talk we can see how a real-world use case has found an effective solution leveraging Node efficiency with elegant functional style programming via RxJS and Observables.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Enrico Piccinin

Principal - ThoughtWorks

Currently I am a Principal @ThoughtWorks, in what I call my third professional life. The first one started around the time Maradona kicked Italy out of the World Cup in Napoli (i.e. 1990) - for 11 years I have been a professional developer, covering procedural Cobol / RPG stuff as well as pioneering OO, Smalltalk and Java. Then I moved to the IT Application Services Industry, getting first excited to "Manage" an ever growing number of people to gradually discover that that kind of growth was not a real driver for me. Now I am trying to do the right thing, and I am happy.

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