Building a multi-tenant application using 45.000 databases


To create an application that is truly designed for massive scale, scale-out at every level of the solution is needed. While doing so at the services level, many developers are still using a single database to serve every request. In response to this, a new pattern, database-per-tenant, is emerging. In this pattern, all data is distributed over a large number of databases. In this session Henry will explore this pattern in detail, covering its advantages and disadvantages and a number of common scenarios around such an architecture.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Henry Been

Devops & Azure architect - Henry Been Consultancy

Henry Been is an independent DevOps & Azure architect from the Netherlands. He enjoys working with development teams to create and deliver great software. After graduating, Henry worked at SnelStart Software (Microsoft Country Partner 2017 Netherlands) for almost five years. Here he helped built and design a multi-tenant architecture spanning close to 50.000 databases by now. Since march 2018, he is an independent developer. Next to his job, Henry is one of the Microsoft ALM | DevOps Rangers. His interests include the Azure cloud, software architecture and modern development practices.

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