Imagine your Cell Phone is Stolen: What happens to the data stored in your apps?


Oh my god, your cell phone is stolen! And along with it, the brand new (hybrid) mobile application you have developed, storing all the nice sensitive data on the device! But you can relax - you have taken all imaginable precautions to secure the application, and have made it impossible for the thief to get through to your data. Or have you? This talk will shed some light about possible exploit strategies for hybrid (and native) applications on Android and iOS, as well as the corresponding methods to prevent these exploits.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Christiane Goebels

Developer Culture Advocate - SAP SE

Digital witch. Can charm computers into doing what she wants, using obscure languages and spells (JavaScript and Java, mostly). Lives in her house with her huge black cat, white rabbits, and a raven on her shoulder. Wields psychic powers (studies organizational psychology in her spare time). Works for SAP as developer culture advocate, after having been in software development for close to 19 years.

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