UX Practitioner’s Guide to Cognitive Theory


We designers create, form, build, and mold, but do we understand the underlying theory which backs up our design choices? Theory provides a rationale to help frame our thinking, but theory alone provides very little understanding of the aesthetics that characterize great design. It is important to understand how theory relates to design practice. Interacting with technology requires many cognitive processes, and this talk will translate cognitive theory principles into interaction design implications.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Anthonia Carter

Fulbright Scholar - US-UK Fulbright Commission

Anthonia Carter, a native of Birmingham, AL, studied mathematics and art studio at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her research occupies the critical space where art, science, and technology intersect. Anthonia is excited to build upon her transdisciplinary research as a Fulbright Scholar studying Multidisciplinary Innovation at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Her current project "Bridge" is an interactive installation exploring the dynamics of human-computer interaction. Ultimately, her vision is to help others illustrate, conceptualize, innovate, and create.

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