Mind-controlling the Web with Brain-Computer Interfaces


What comes after the keyboard and the mouse? More advanced interfaces that allow more effective communication between human and machines, specifically those that tap into the brain. So, let's plugin the human brain to the browser and build a better web. The human body is a ocean of electricity. Billions of neurons are constantly engaging as our thoughts go from one state to the next. Come see how we can tap into this data generated by human cells in JavaScript, and how to get started in the NeuroTech community.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Alex Castillo

Senior Software Engineer - Netflix

Alex Castillo is a Software Engineer at Netflix and specializes in enterprise single-page applications. Alex is very passionate about the human brain and how we can use technology to understand it better. He has contributed to the open source community and focuses on Angular, React and NeuroTech. In his spare time, he likes experimenting with guitars and IoT.

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