The six obstacles of moving to microservices and how to deal with them


Migrating to Microservices can easily become a mess, not only because of technical factors but mostly because of human factors: it's a major change in the software culture of a company. In this talk, I'll share my experience as technical lead of an ambitious Microservices-based product, go through the parts we struggled with, and give you some advice on how to deal with some obstacles that you may find: * The Common Patterns Phobia * The Book Club Cult * The Never-Decoupled Story * The Buzz Words Syndrome * The Agile Trap * The Conway's Law Hackers

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Moisés Macero García

Owner - The Practical Developer

Software Developer, Traveler, and Writer. Moisés moved in 2015 from the best climate in Europe, Málaga, to Amsterdam, looking for new challenges. His main areas of expertise are Java, Spring and Cloud Native applications. He is the author of the book Learn Microservices with Spring Boot (Apress), and writes articles on the blog Moises enjoys sharing knowledge and writing technical documentation.

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