Getting started with F# development


The goal of this talk is to help developers interested in F# (strongly-typed functional first language for .NET Runtime/JS) how to start, by showing the rich tooling built by opensource community. Once removed the friction of a new ecosystem is easier to evaluate the F# features It will be shown some common scenarios for devs: from zero to a new web/console app, how to add dependancies, build it, debug it, test it and xplat deployment options to target os or docker. The tools used will be cross platform (VSCode, .NET Core Sdk) and open source.

Language: Italian

Level: Beginner

Enrico Sada

Software Developer - AlmavivA

I am a passionate software developer. I contribute to .NET and F# open source community, lately with the integration of F# with .NET Core and the .NET Core SDK and editor tooling support

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