SQL and TensorFlow: Enabling "smart" queries on a data warehouse


BigQuery is Google's fully managed, petabyte scale data warehouse. It's User Defined Function realizes "smart" queries with the power of machine learning, such as similarity search or recommendation on images or documents with feature vectors and neural network prediction. In this session we will see BigQuery and TensorFlow enables a powerful "data warehouse + ML" solution - analyzing text and pictures.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Felipe Hoffa

Developer Advocate - Google

In 2011 Felipe Hoffa moved from Chile to San Francisco to join Google as a Software Engineer. Since 2013 he's been a Developer Advocate on big data - to inspire developers around the world to leverage the Google Cloud Platform tools to analyze and understand their data in ways they could never before. You can find him in several YouTube videos, blog posts, and conferences around the world.

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