Cloud tales: real world CQRS/Event Sourcing - part 2


We recommend attending both parts of this talk since they are closely connected. CQRS and ES are by no means new kids on the block, yet a lot can be told about how to use cloud platforms to unleash their power without having costs soaring. The ingredients list is quite simple: an event store, read model(s) and computing options to run back-end services. Picking up technologies in a cost savvy way, though, isn’t trivial due to the amount of viable options: should you go PaaS or IaaS? Where do containers fit in this context? Eager to know our real code based recipe? Don’t miss this talk then.

Language: Italian

Level: Advanced

Andrea Saltarello

CTO - Managed Designs

Andrea is solution architect and CTO @ Managed Designs, focusing on architecture and methodology topics. As a trainer and speaker, he had several speaking engagements for events and conferences both in Italy and abroad: he is co-author of “MS .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise” by Microsoft Press. In 2001 he co-founded UGIdotNET, the first Italian .NET User Group, of which he's the President and leader. Andrea is passionate about sports and music, being devoted to Depeche Mode, which he fell in love with since listening to Everything Counts for the first time.

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Lorenzo Barbieri

Cloud Solution Architect - Microsoft Western Europe

Lorenzo Barbieri is a Cloud Solution Architect based in Milan, Italy. He specializes in Cloud Application Development, both Azure and Office 365, Windows applications, Visual Studio, ALM and DevOps, and he likes to talk with people and communities about technology, food and funny things. He is a speaker, a trainer and a public speaking coach. He helped many MSPs, devs and colleagues, improving their stage presence, to deliver great presentations. He works for Microsoft Western Europe, in the PDU Alps division, helping partners, developers, communities and customers with software development

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