How we manage to get multi platform games with our custom engine.


A discussion about how to get things done and some inside about our coding process and methods. Some little insights about our architecture.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Ivan Zorzin

Grumpy billy goat - Llamasoft

Started touching computers around 1980, been coding since. Very fond of HW as well, from vacuum tubes to FPGAs and everything in between. Worked as HW/SW developer for industrial and security applications before meeting Jeff and moving into videogames. Very fond of retro computing and HW archaeology and exoteric stuff, the strangest the better. Deeply into ASM and C/CPP I love the K.I.S.S. and "getting things done" no-nonsense approach. A gate is a gate, a byte is a byte and there's always some ASM behind. Very fond of nature and animals, especially goats. Love cooking.

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Jeff Minter

Grumpy Ox - Llamasoft

Learnt to code in 1979 on a Commodore PET. Founded Llamasoft in 1982. Created games on a load of different systems from the ZX80 to Playstation VR.

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