Android Things, from mobile apps to physical world


The large and vibrant community of Android developers can now leverage all the libraries, services and knowledge to move from mobile towards the IoT world. The key for success is that even the existing code could be shared in the same project to target mobile, wearables and now embedded boards. This talk will explain what Android Things is and many of its features, giving some practical example on how to integrate code for mobile platform.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Giovanni Di Gialluca

Android Developer - Open Reply s.r.l

Enthusiast Android developer based in Rome. Giovanni began his career developing applications for smartphones and tablets, but he had the opportunity to be involved into several projects learning many features of Android platform such as Wear, AOSP customization, M2M communication via Bluetooth Low Energy. He is interested in the world of IoT for some years now, attending several conferences, dealing with some development board. He is currently Android Developer @ Open Reply.

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Stefano Sanna

Manager - Open Reply Srl

Stefano wrote his first mobile app in 1999 (on a PSION 5MX!). He worked for 7 years at CRS4 in the Network Distributed Applications research group. He then joined beeweeb SpA in 2006 as Mobile Application Architect, working on Mobile TV client for leading European network operators. He is currently Manager at Open Reply (Reply Group), focused 100% on mobile and wearable applications. He wrote "Java Micro Edition" for Hoepli and "Android - Programmazione Avanzata" for FAG. Far from the keyboard, Stefano loves playing LEGO Technic with his sons and enjoying cakes lovely cooked by his wife.

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