OpenTech AI for everyone - how to train, deploy and scale DeepLearning models using Keras, Tensorflow and Apach


Artificial Intelligence will take over. We don't know when but we are sure that it will. Therefore it is crucial that powerful AI is not kept in the hands of a couple of high tech companies but needs to be in the hands of everyone. In this session we'll show you the state of the art of what's possible with DeepLearning today and in future. We will introduce you to a scalable DeepLearning architecture composed of open source technologies which brings powerful AI to the fingertips of every developer.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Alessandro La Volpe

Vice President Cloud - IBM

IBMer for 21 years, he is Vice President IBM Cloud, in charge of Cloud, Software a and Artificial Intelligence business in Italy. A quick snapshot of his journey: seven years experience with international roles, clients, digital sales and marketing. Degree in Economics at Università Cattolica Mi- MBA at Henley Management College, professional certification at INSEAD, leadership development program at Studio Ambrosetti. Passionate about travels, Start Ups and new business models, Sommelier at AIS.

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