Using Nicer Programming Languages at Work


Over the past 10 years, Richard has used many different programming languages on the job - from the mainstream to the exotic. This talk covers the surprising lessons he's learned about using nicer programming languages at work. How big can the productivity difference be? What strategies can get management on board with taking a chance on a non-mainstream language? What's the impact on the team's ability to hire and retain great programmers? What does it mean for team morale? For ramping up new hires? For legacy code? Come see what a nicer programming language could mean for your team!

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Richard Feldman

Head of Technology - NoRedInk

Richard is the author of “Elm in Action” from Manning Publications, and the instructor for the Frontend Masters Introduction to Elm and Advanced Elm workshops. He is a member of the Elm Core Team and works at NoRedInk, which has over 300,000 lines of Elm code in production, and which has employed Elm creator Evan Czaplicki since 2016. In his free time Richard hosts the Philadelphia Elm Meetup, and maintains open-source Elm libraries such as elm-test and elm-css. Some have said he’s “a fan of Elm,” but he’s not sure where they got that wild idea.

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